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Very little is known about the Artist known as Eddie Apollo.

Where did he come from? Why is he here? Why has he always got an Iguana with him? Can he even see through those lenses? Why would someone permanently wear eyewear that inhibits their vision? Is the body paint permanent or does he just wake up everyday and reapply it? Is there a hole on the top of the balaclava from which his blue hair is coming, or is it attached to the balaclava itself?

Honestly he hired me to make him a website but all I have for the about section, is more questions. 

Whether or not we will ever get the answers to these questions, I dont know.

Also Eddie if your reading this, Stop f*****g ignoring my emails!!!! I know the cash you sent me for this website was fake!!!

I dont know how you thought you'd get away with this, I mean you've spelt 'pounds' 3 different ways, incorrectly on every note, which are all clearly hand drawn.. in biro?!?